Food Security Card

  • already prepared and distributed at 580 and student life offices
  • this lists ALL the options for students on campus at UCLA including 580, CPO Food Closet, meal voucher 

CPO Food Closet

  • this is a student run and maintained space through CPO (Community Program Office)
  • student food interns do community pick ups from donors and businesses (weekly pickups from WSFB are part of this) part of UCLA Food Security Network (as is 580 Café) 

580 Cafe

  • students make initial contact for additional food, housing options and referrals
  • all students are welcome even SMC- yes we have them come through often, and have an SMC student intern as well. CalFresh counselors
  • financial wellness program
  • S4S students can access food every weekday 8am-6pm FREE this includes meals and snacks, and food to go.
  • gift cards for grocery stores, etc, along with other community resources and businesses  LEARN MORE

UCLA Food Network

  • working on meal plan for S4S students, or meal vouchers- we are hoping to develop a system that will place "swipes" on ID cards to allow them access to certain dining halls or food vendors.
  • meal vouchers- available due to financial need
  • Various programs offered through a variety of groups, Clubs, offices on nutrition, meal prep, health and physical well being, financial management etc. these could be used for programming for S4S meetings. 


Economic Crisis Response

  • UCLA provides case management to assess need for students facing financial challenges
  • makes small emergency loans
  • helps identify housing options, both emergency and short term
  • food and tuition challenges