S4S offers college students who are facing homelessness with a bed and a hot meal each night. Our program provides youth with the time, space and support they need to receive counseling and case management, develop an employment plan and ultimately move into permanent housing.

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Our shelter offers in need college students a long-term bed and a place that they can call home through the end of the current school year. We provide a safe place to keep belongings, a shower and access to laundry facilities. Students 4 Students exposes its student volunteers to the complex social issue of homelessness, and creates opportunities for student leadership. This is a novel training ground for immediately developing future leaders in community service and philanthropy.


food security

We created this shelter so our residents can hunger for knowledge, and not hunger for food; so that they can use their smarts on their books, not on finding a place to sleep every night. We provide our residents with two meals per day, a hot dinner and a grab and go breakfast. We have a volunteer base of 60 UCLA students who oversee the daily needs and functions of the shelter and are there each day on a rotating basis to cook dinner for our residents.

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health and social services

Our space is open every day, including weekends, to provide our residents with a home and a sense of normalcy. Each resident has access to assistance with Transportation, medical, social welfare, and school supply stipends. UCLA MSW and Medical students provide peer-to-peer case management services and are supervised by UCLA MD and MSW students Our student volunteers and community partners work together to provide our residents with shelter, food, security, and a supportive environment of mutual respect.

permanent housing placement

By partnering with established non-profit organizations, we connect our residents with well-known expertise in long-term resources and planning to make the transition into independent living. By engaging local community-based agencies and congregations, we have created a wide network to help our residents thrive while they stay with us, while giving them the tools to be successful once they transition to stable, permanent housing. Students 4 Students offers assistance during this transition process and is proud of its 90% success rate.