Our shelter is rebranding to...
Students 4 Students!

We are excited to announce that our organization of student-run shelters (formerly known as Bruin Shelter) is moving forward with a new name consistent with our core values and mission. Our new name is: Students 4 Students.

We have elected this new name to demonstrate that we provide shelter to students experiencing homelessness, regardless of two- or four-year institution, vocational training program, or professional school. We feel kinship with students everywhere, and we are committed to the belief that every student should hunger for knowledge, not for food; that they should use their smarts on their books, not on finding a safe place to sleep every night. This new identity also falls in line with our dedication to empowering students who are passionate about helping their fellow students experiencing homelessness.

We are proud of our origins as Bruins, though we know college hunger and homelessness transcends our campus, and necessitates a broader approach. The central tenets of our service remain the same, and in the coming months, the elements of our visual identity, as a non-profit organization, will transition from Bruin Shelter to Students 4 Students. As we support student leaders across the nation who seek to help their peers, Bruin Shelter will still remain as one shelter, out of many, that operate within Students 4 Students. We understand that a new name, logo, and outreach materials will take some amount of time to become accustomed to, and appreciate you for staying by our side as we evolve.

Thank you for joining us in our new chapter of helping students experiencing homelessness across our city, state, and nation!

With questions or for more information, please contact s4slosangeles@gmail.com.