Trojan Shelter news! [Dec. 2018]


Trojan Shelter is taking shape everyday this holiday!

Abigail Leung and Esther Cha, two students at USC, heard a study that 4% of USC students are experiencing homelessness this year, and knew they had to do something about it. Within weeks, they co-founded Trojan Shelter, to provide a bed and regular meals to eat for their fellow students who have neither and are struggling.

And after sharing their idea, they went from two USC students with an idea, to more than 10 USC students who secured a church willing to be their host! Now, they’re seeking donations to cover renovations!

If you are a:

  • committed USC alum who wants to create Trojan Shelter with us,

  • passionate UCLA alum who wants to keep Bruin Shelter running, or

  • person who cares deeply about education and homelessness,

we rely on folks like you to keep our beds open and to put food on the table. You can donate here - thank YOU for providing the basic needs of a bed and food for students who need it most!

To hear more from the young people we’re helping, check out our mini photo series “What My Classmates Don’t Know About Me” (Ep. 1 and Ep. 2 here). Below is a snippet of Sara's story (Ep. 3). Thank you for surrounding our residents with love and kindness!

“I work two jobs and still couldn’t afford tuition and housing, so I ended up sleeping in my car. Students 4 Students gave me a place to call home, and has helped me stay on track to graduate. What I love most is being in a supportive environment with my peers.

Home means having people surround you with love.”

Michelle Ross