What My Classmates Don't Know About Me [1 of 5]


What My Classmates Don't Know About Me: A Mini Photo Series to Provide Shelter for Homeless College Students, Ep. 1

In support of our annual crowdfunding campaign, we're introducing our new mini photo series: What My Classmates Don't Know About Me. Each resident has their own unique, uncommon story, but all share a common hope. In this first of five, Alexa shares about herself.

"I had a conflicted family life. I never really knew my mom, except that she didn't know her mom either. I dove into school so I could build a good life with my own two hands - far from the past, ready for the future. I want to be fearless in getting to my dreams and goals.

Home for me is family-style dinner and conversation, there's nothing better than trading plates and stories."

UCLA undergrad, social welfare, and medical students are running Bruin Shelter for homeless students, for no pay, and we're operating on a shoe-string budget that we rely on passionate supporters who care deeply about homeless students like you to help us cover.

And now, a small, yet mighty group of USC students are making moves to open Trojan Shelter! They need our help to get their space ready for students who need a place to call home!

Nearly 20% of community college students in our city are experiencing homelessness, tonight. Please donate to our campaign, which will go towards running Bruin Shelter & Trojan Shelter! We hope that getting to know the lives you're changing gives you as much energy as it does for us. Thank you for supporting, sharing with other student-centric folks, and being a part of our village!

Michelle Ross