Jesse's Story: What My Classmates Don't Know About Me [2 of 5]


What My Classmates Don't Know About Me: A Mini Photo Series to Provide Shelter for Homeless College Students, Ep. 2

Thank you so much for your positive messages to Alexa and donations thus far to our annual crowdfunding campaign in our first entry! It's clear that you as a member of our village have huge hearts for our young people.  And big news: an anonymous donor who read the first story has offered to match ALL donations throughout Hanukkah (12/10)! 

Here is Jesse's story.

“I was in the foster care system as a kid, and I’ve never known stability. On my 18th birthday, I was given a backpack with a bus pass and some clothes. I slept on the street for years until I heard about S4S. They have given me support in ways that no one else would. They have given me a safe place to stay, food, and most importantly, community.

Home means a lot of different things, but I equate it with having a family. This is the first time I feel like I have that.”

Please consider donating and sharing our holiday crowdfunding campaign to keep our shelter open for another year, for young people who need it. If you do during this wonderful festival of lights, you'll double the # of students you are providing food and shelter!!

Also: if you're a fan of PBS Newshour, stay tuned next week for a mention about us and you (yes, you!) as our small, but mighty village of supporters :-)

Michelle Ross