Bruin Shelter's First Residents: What My Classmates Don't Know About Me [Finale]


What My Classmates Don't Know About Me: A Mini Photo Series to Provide Shelter for Homeless College Students, Finale

Dear Backers,

Amazing news: within the past week, we've gone from 50% of our goal, to 95%!! A heartfelt THANK YOU for bringing us so close to our goal! For the Bruins and Trojans among us, the shelter tour prize is still up in the air, with Bruin Shelter leading by a mere $550!

For our finale of What My Classmates Don’t Know About Me, several of our first-ever residents share their experience in our first-ever season when we opened in 2016, out of pure renegade compassion and $35k cobbled together from supporters like you.

Bruin Shelter was new when we were given a bed, so we had no idea what to expect. I was the 2nd person to arrive…the 1st person, we recognized we were classmates. Our eyes conveyed more than words can describe, and we just hugged.

Having a bed and meals were huge. But someone asking you about your day, or just not having to guard your stuff…the little things? They aren’t so little.

It felt like my zip code was going to determine where my life was headed. Being in Bruin Shelter around the student staffers was the first time it felt like people believed in me. That meant the world to me.

There are only 9 days left in our campaign; let’s make it count. We're only 5% away from crossing the finish line so we can support TWO student-centric shelters that are providing reliable food and shelter for students at the margins, and uplifting the UCLA and USC student leaders as social changemakers in our community. We believe that's an enormous double impact per dollar, though we're a bit biased.

Please consider donating and sharing, and thank you for the thoughtful responses to our residents' stories in 'What My Classmates Don't Know About Me', we loved hearing your experiences and struggles in your educational journeys. We're grateful for each of you being in our community of do-gooders, with a radical commitment to student-centered social impact!

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